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Who are we?

South Australian professional services firm with more than four decades' experience serving small-to-medium-sized businesses, family businesses, not for profits and professionals. We have specialists across Agribusiness, Healthcare, Food, Wine and Hospitality, and Blue Jam, our growth offering for businesses ready to take off. We can help with your accounting and business advice, technology services, wealth, people management, and marketing and communications. So what are you waiting for?

Introducing Orlo One - our rebranded technology business

After 20 years operating in South Australia as Hood Sweeney Technology, we have created our own technology-focused brand, Orlo One.

We want businesses to understand what we do and the range of specialised technology services we offer. By visually defining our services through Orlo One, including a dedicated website, we want to continue to grow by providing the same excellent, client-focused services our clients are accustomed to.

We remain a part of Hood Sweeney, benefitting from its almost-50-year presence and strong reputation in South Australia, and we will continue to operate from within the Hood Sweeney professional offices in Adelaide and in regional South Australia.

Orlo One is about people – we’re people powered by our team of experienced technology specialists, including relationship managers who are also tech practitioners; our clients, which span large not-for-profit organisations and professional services, to health practices and wineries; and our partners, whose proven products and services we can provide and support.

The strength and point of difference in Orlo One lies with our Technical Relationship Managers, skilled, technical experts who can manage an account and also know what to do when a server goes down.

Why Orlo One? Orlo meanings range from ‘famous throughout the land’ as a boy’s name; to brink in Italian; and in American English, Orlo is a supportive structure that holds things up. We want Orlo One at the brink of technology disruption, while providing a supportive structure for our clients.

But not to complicate it – we like the name Orlo – and what is better than adding the number One! We‘re excited with our contemporary look and can’t wait to share our website and other branded materials with our clients.

What won’t change is the way we serve you. We hope you love our new look, and that your business can continue to grow with ours.

See more of Orlo One here.

Introducing Blue Jam, a new SA-based offering established by seasoned advisers to help business clients achieve growth.

The high-end advisory is for mid-stage businesses with a ‘right now mindset’ who need a strategy and professional support to take the next steps to growth.

Blue Jam provides Strategy Facilitation as a baseline for determining what clients need to build their business.

From there, Blue Jam has a team to advise on Marketing and Communications, Financials, Technology, People & Culture and Training.

Blue Jam was created by Hood Sweeney advisers who saw an opportunity to pool the specialist skills across the professional services business, and almost 50 years of experience, to provide a single-minded growth offering for clients.

Want to know how Blue Jam can work with your business? Send us an email at or ring the team on 1300 190 380.

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