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Cafes and Restaurants

Our extensive experience in the food and hospitality industry means that we understand the specific needs of hospitality businesses, management and staffing, and can provide outstanding support.

The culinary culture of South Australia is ingrained.

This can mean great opportunities for success, while at the same time, intense competition for business owners in this industry.

In this industry, licensing laws, penalty rates, allowances, reimbursements, and other tax guidelines are very specific. Casual staff, often with a high turnover, and cash trading can be prominent, and can add to the complexity of the business.

A restaurant, bar, or other hospitality business must therefore be familiar with its specific tax laws and guidelines.

The Hood Sweeney Food & Hospitality Team has a deep understanding of these laws and can provide ongoing advice and consultation to ensure that as an owner of a hospitality business, you are receiving all the benefits and are reaching your full potential in this exciting, diverse and competitive industry.

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