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Jackson Harvey

Financial Planner | Strategy & Investments

Representative of Hood Sweeney Securities AFS Licence No. 220897

Jackson has been in the Financial Planning industry since he left school seven years ago, and gained experience while he completed his university degree. He joined Hood Sweeney in 2021.

Growing up, Jackson had a passion for helping family and friends with their money, so it was clear to him that he needed to be in a profession where he could have a larger impact by doing the same for other people.

Helping improve financial literacy is really important to Jackson.

“As much as we don’t like to say it, money does control a fair portion of our lives, and if my expertise and effort can alleviate that associated stress, allowing clients to enjoy their lives more, then I’m achieving the positive impact I am aiming for.”

In his previous roles Jackson obtained a good understanding of the financial planning industry through administration, technical and client-facing associate advisory support. Currently, Jackson is providing support to Adrian Zoppa, the Head of Financial Planning, to allow Adrian to continue providing high-quality service to his clients, while also meeting his strategic and leadership responsibilities. Through providing this support Jackson gains more client experience which will benefit his professional growth.

Over the coming years Jackson will start to build a separate client base and move on to focus on managing his own clients. As a strong communicator, he relishes interactions with clients and colleagues. His passion for people and for what he does is very clear.

Jackson says, keeping physically fit is a must for balance in his life, and a combination of the gym and team sports fill his downtime. Team sports are his preference providing a chance to be part of something bigger than just himself. An adventurer at heart and avid traveller, Jackson has a long list of global destinations he has already experienced or plans to visit using annual leave each year.

Qualifications and memberships

  • Bachelor of Business (Finance) University of South Australia (2018)
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, Kaplan Professional (Australia, 2018)
  • Diploma of Financial Planning, Kaplan Professional (Australia, 2018)
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