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Hood Sweeney and Family Business Association partner in South Australia

Family Business Association (FBA) and Hood Sweeney have signed a partnership agreement, forging the FBA’s first South Australian state partnership.

Hood Sweeney has provided professional services, including Accounting, Business Advisory and Financial Planning to family business clients for more than four decades.

This partnership is a natural progression of our focus and our vision as a client-first firm, said Hood Sweeney Managing Director Marisa Riccio.

“Supporting family businesses through our array of services and skills, and with the expertise of our FBA Accredited Advisors is at the core of what Hood Sweeney does,” said Ms RIccio.

Tim Whittaker, Director and owner of Adelaide Direct Stationers, a second-generation family business, is a longtime client of Hood Sweeney’s Accounting & Business Advisory and an FBA member.

Hood Sweeney advisors helped Adelaide Direct Stationers develop its succession plan, and Mr Whittaker said FBA membership has provided the “benefits of a support network and shared experience” with family businesses that face the same challenges.

Mr Whittaker said this new partnership brings together two organisations aligned in their purpose to serve and support family businesses, “which can only be positive. If anything, the partnership will further broaden our networks.”

Family businesses are vital to the Australian economy, accounting for 70% of all Australian businesses and 50% of the workforce. Even with current economic challenges, both locally and globally, Australian family businesses are reporting sustained growth year on year.

Catherine Sayer, FBA CEO said she was delighted that FBA is partnering with Hood Sweeney in SA. She said: “I have known Hood Sweeney for many years, and we know FBA members will benefit from hearing first-hand from Hood Sweeney advisors about some of the ways they assist family businesses with their most pressing issues around financial management, succession planning and other family business topics.”

“We’re aware of Hood Sweeney’s solid reputation in this space and look forward to engaging more with their FBA Accredited Advisors,” said Ms Sayer.

Family Business Association (FBA) is the peak body for family businesses in Australia and New Zealand, helping family businesses to grow and thrive. Members are supported through tailored education and events, networking with like-minded peers, and access to accredited advisors who understand the unique experience of family businesses.

Hood Sweeney Family Business Accredited Advisors, Matthew Bartemucci and Louisa Andreucci can help with questions regarding family business issues or our partnership with Family Business Association.

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