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Family Business

The engine room of the economy; Hood Sweeney understands the complex dynamics of family business and the personalities involved.

The strength of communication between family members is often the difference between a successful business and one that struggles. The facilitation and understanding of each stakeholder’s needs is the core foundation for multi-generational success and family unity.

As an integrated firm we provide a suite of Family Business Advisory Services that include:

  • Succession Planning – preparing the next generation for ongoing custodianship of the legacy;

  • Coaching & Leadership – keeping the family unit working well together;
  • Governance – the setting up of a family council advisory board;
  • Growth & Protection – building the family wealth and protecting it;
  • Taxation Advice – tax advice and planning, annual tax and accounting compliance obligations;
  • Exit Strategies – selling the business when and if the time comes; and
  • Philanthropy – a structured approach to manage giving.

We understand the ultimate goal for a family business is the happiness of all involved and creating a legacy for one generation to leave to the next.

Hood Sweeney's Family Business Accredited Advisors Matthew Bartemucci and Louisa Andreucci are Directors in Accounting & Business Advisory. They, along with our broader adviser group, have years of experience working with family business clients, and work closely with Family Business Association SA through our state partnership.

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