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How far can you go at Hood Sweeney?

Right now, you’re at a crossroad: you have a crucial decision about where to work that has the power to change the course of your life.

We want to make sure you take the right direction, whether that’s by joining the journey here at Hood Sweeney or somewhere else.

As a South Australian business, our 40-year growth has proudly brought sustained employment and advancement to two generations within this state.

Whilst the size of our firm gives us the means to invest in your career, our family style ensures you will never just be another number.

In fact, quite the opposite!

When you join Hood Sweeney, we’ll develop a program that recognises your individuality by presenting you with leadership and professional opportunities aligned to your personal goals and aspirations.

We always look for opportunities to promote from within and give you the personal growth that keeps you advancing towards your career goals.

If you join Hood Sweeney, therefore, our four key objectives will be:

  1. To foster your ambitions
  2. To invest in you, long-term
  3. To recognise your efforts and engage your heart and mind
  4. To help you be your best

So, in the end, how far you go in your career will ultimately depend on your talent, effort and your ambition.

Recently awarded 5-Star Employer of Choice 2023 by HRD (Human Resources Director Australia), working life at Hood Sweeney encompasses aspirational career opportunities, a focus on work-life balance and meaningful work that will engage you, challenge you and interest you.

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