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Practice Owners

Preparing for private practice.

Hood Sweeney will work with you to achieve your personal and financial goals. Together we will consider any financial decisions that may affect you and your practice now and in the future.

Why Hood Sweeney?

In our experience without careful financial planning those in the medical profession are often left without:

  • Plans for retirement;

  • Super contribution strategies;

  • Structure to minimise tax;

  • Strategy for cash flow or personal budget; or

  • Strategy for debt management.

Is your practice worth what you think it is?

It has been our experience that a majority of practice owners don't know how much their practice is really worth.

In a service-driven business with clients coming and going as well as products changing constantly, this is not surprising. Nevertheless, when practice owners decide it's time to sell and move on, knowing the value of the practice is essential.

Preparing for the sale, merger, or succession of your business requires identifying what it is truly worth.

As the first of the three most common mistakes we constantly see when transactions occur, inadequate preparation is the leading reason practice owners fail to maximise value, minimise transaction risk, and transact within six months.

Some buyers will want to understand or see your company differently than you do, as well as differently than your other buyers. Hood Sweeney can assist you by presenting your business data in a way that the majority of buyers will want to see.

We also work with you to:
  • Minimise your tax and wealth structures;

  • Budget and get the most out of your surplus income*;

  • Maximise your wealth potential*;

  • Reach your financial goals; and

  • Insure your income as your greatest asset.

*Services provided by Hood Sweeney Securities Pty Ltd AFSL No. 220897

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