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Cloud solutions

Let us take you to the Cloud to make your working life simpler.

Our extensive experience means that we can develop solutions tailored for you.

We utilise cloud-based technology with the most appropriate applications to save you time and money performing administration tasks.

Our business solutions will handle everything from Point of Sale (POS) to employee schedules and timesheets.

Your data might be in the cloud but our solutions keep your feet on the ground.


  • Manage your business from anywhere at anytime

  • Take control of your business with real-time data

  • Single and effective solution to many tasks

  • Easy to learn and teach

  • More time to focus on your business

  • Collaborate with the Hood Sweeney Accounting & Business Advisory team advisers in real time

  • No installation software, IT maintenance or upgrades

  • Your business’s financial information is in the hands of experts

Before After
Traditional systems Integrated cloud systems
Requires industry specific, compatible hardware and software to be installed Can be accessed via any modern web browser on most devices
Works on one computer at a time Files are stored offsite and multiple users can access it in real time
Needs to be transferred from one place to another (e.g: email or USB) for others to use it No files need to be transferred because all users have access at all times
Requires software updates and usually these are additional costs All software updates are included and done behind the scenes
High upfront costs Lower fixed month cost
All about data entry All about data flow

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