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Get the advice you need to grow your business.

Hood Sweeney has developed a proactive offering to support your business to grow. Our specialists work with you to investigate your business from multiple angles, drawing in experts to create a growth plan that we can help you execute.

We explore the key areas of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Financial, People, Technology and Training, identifying ways for you to gauge your performance, and transform teams with our suite of professional services through a proven framework, by:

  • Uncovering insights and developing tactics to drive results by thoughtfully developing competitive advantage;
  • Upgrading professionalism across systems, people, planning, marketing, sales, management and operating performance;
  • Identifying risk and mitigation strategies;
  • Deciphering the numbers;
  • Assisting with the implementation of the plan; and
  • Supporting your journey to growth.

Who needs it?

Medium-sized businesses with a growth mindset are ideal candidates for Growth. You’ll need to be open to letting us in and to exploring new ideas, and ready to take action.

If you have a track record of performance that is unfulfilled against market potential at this point in time, our Growth offering can put you on the right path.

What’s next?

Firstly, we’ll need to get to know you and your business.
Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will tailor a team of specialists to suit your business.

The team will dig deep into the business’ DNA, explore your systems and processes, your financials, the effectiveness of your people and culture, and see where the opportunities exist for growth.

The goal is to:

  • Deliver a proactive, holistic offering to help your business grow;
  • Improve strategy execution and team dynamics;
  • Establish direction through clear planning;
  • Increase growth, profit and efficiency;
  • Highlight improvements to systems, processes and the overall calibre of the business; and
  • Transfer and develop skills to assist the business to become more robust and sustainable.

The end game is to grow your business by executing a well-thought-out, tactical plan.

To find out if you are ready for growth, ring our Growth team on 1300 764 200.

Get in touch

Get in touch with Hood Sweeney to see how we can help your organisation or call us now on 1300 764 200

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