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Bars, Hotels and Clubs

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Adelaide has seen some serious changes in recent years. Since the State Government overhauled liquor licensing laws back in 2013, niche drinkeries lined inner-city laneways and side streets.

Then a series of fine dining restaurants captured the attention of East Coast chefs, critics and diners. Now, with visitation slowly cranking back to life in a post-pandemic city, the focus is on the accommodation sector.

Hotel operations are unlike any other business operations. Hoteliers not only have to comply with GST, PAYG, BAS, superannuation and stock-takes, they also have to face heavy regulations on liquor licensing, food handling, council permits and even have to please neighbours. Hotel operators also need to contend with seasonal trade, irregular hours, casual employees and a mix of dry and wet goods. If you are a hotelier, it is ideal to get a hotel consultant or accountant who understands how the hotel industry works.

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