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How we service our clients

We offer two key services to our clients:
  • Strategy & Advice

  • Portfolio Management

Clients can access both these services in conjunction or they can opt for assistance with Strategy & Advice.

Strategy & Advice

We work with clients to understand where they are now and where they’d like to be financially, regardless of whether they start speaking to us in their 20s or 60s.

Guiding clients on strategy is the cornerstone of how Hood Sweeney Securities approaches financial planning; it requires trust between both parties allowing concerns and goals to be transformed into tangible actions.

To ensure transparency, our Strategy & Advice fee is a flat fixed fee determined by the number of times clients meet their Financial Planner per annum to discuss/review their financial strategy.

Typically, a more complex situation requires more frequent reviews. However, any client may request more frequent reviews if they deem them valuable.

Age Pension fact sheet March 2024

Portfolio Management

Managing portfolios is our second service offering. Not all clients will engage us to manage their portfolios but we have built a flexible offering to suit varied needs and values.

Our portfolio management fee is determined by how actively managed the portfolio is, and the level of complexity in managing the investments i.e. how much assistance is required to manage the portfolio.

We have opted to use a percentage-based fee for portfolio management as it ties directly into performance.

The fee is a flat calculation, meaning when your balance is within the specified range, that percentage applies across the entire balance.

Hood Sweeney Securities
Hood Sweeney Securities

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