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Take your career to the next level with a business on the rise.

For anyone in your position, there has to be motive and opportunity to join a different executive team. So, here’s the motive.

Over the last few years, Hood Sweeney has faced, braced and prevailed through the challenging economic market conditions caused by the pandemic. Where others have struggled or merely survived, we have thrived.

Over a decade ago we made a strategic decision to invest in our people and as a result we are in a better position to outperform our competitors and thrive in an ever changing environment. We built a specialist corporate services team from scratch along with new service offerings, developed a best-practice leadership and governance model, and managed the succession of internal shareholders, which resulted in record levels for client and staff engagement, and a strengthening of our ‘client first’ reputation. All at the same time as investing in strategic mergers with the support and strength of Countplus, an ASX-listed company, as a shareholder.

If that excites you about a future with Hood Sweeney, all you need now is that opportunity to join our executive team.

It may even be worth having a discreet conversation with our Managing Director.

Apart from internal promotion, our most favoured form of recruitment, we always prefer to talk directly with people we have high regard for.

Hood Sweeney understands the importance of providing high achievers like yourself with a structured pathway to becoming a Director. We take this process seriously and commit to fulfilling your aspirations if you perform and meet the key goals and expectations set for you. We believe in providing you with the signposts and then getting out of your way.

If you’re ambitious, dedicated to investing in your own future, seek satisfaction as well as rewards, and you share our vision and values, join the journey.

We promise it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Click below to find out more about why you should take your career to the next level with Hood Sweeney.

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