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Healthy culture & community

A business is only as good as its people.

At Hood Sweeney, we are committed to being more than the cliché of a ‘good corporate citizen’. We actively engage with our community, and we contribute both our time and money, as a company and as individuals. This ethos is also reflected in the way we encourage flexibility for our team members to manage their personal commitments at different stages of their lives.

Some of the key ways we promote a fun and healthy environment for our team members are:

  • We provide a number of options/initiatives to enable you to balance a challenging role and a family lifestyle

Health and wellbeing
  • We encourage you to look after your fitness and wellbeing

  • We implement a structured wellbeing program to cater for different tastes and requirements

  • We provide training and resources to help with your mental health and resilience

  • You will be made to feel part of the Hood Sweeney ‘family’

  • Our team spirit develops by enjoying each other’s company

  • We seek fun experiences to build a culture with an emotional connection

Community involvement
  • We encourage active involvement in the community

  • We want to be known for who we are rather than what we do

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