Hood Sweeney is a leading provider of professional services to the regional business enterprises so significant to the South Australian economy.

Headed by dedicated leaders with experience in the industry, we understand just how complex it can be to run a rural or farming business, no matter whether we’re talking about money, or the vagaries of anything from the weather to international markets.

We can help you tackle issues such as:

  • managing your cash flow effectively to sustain you through the off-season, as well as environmental and economic challenges
  • accounting and tax compliance, tax planning and forecasting
  • estate, succession and retirement planning
  • remote communications and information technology services
  • farm equipment and vehicle finance, along with stock and crop funding and seasonal finance.

The first step to making sure our services are relevant to your unique situation is to build a relationship, get to know you and find out exactly what you need. And, just as importantly, what you don’t need.

That’s why we have offices in Whyalla and Kadina backed up by the wider resources and support of our team in Adelaide.

Give us a call and sound them out. You probably know each other already.

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Hood Sweeney Agribusiness Brochure


At Hood Sweeney we love nothing more than to see our clients like the Maitlands reach their goals and share their stories of achievement.

For four generations, the Maitland family has farmed the Clare Valley. But with a new generation came a new idea: in 2011, they decided to make a range of wholegrain pasta from their own durum wheat under the Pangkarra Foods label. Moving into production for the first time, they recognised they’d need some heavyweight help. That’s when they joined the journey with Hood Sweeney. 

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Agribusiness Association

Hood Sweeney is a bronze member of Agribusiness Australia.