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Agribusiness is one of this country's industrial pillars and we value you

Hood Sweeney is a leading provider of professional services to regional business enterprises that are so significant to the South Australian economy.

Pre/Post Farm Gate

What should you consider?

  • Manage your cash flow effectively to sustain you through the off-season, as well as environment and economic challenges;

  • Combine your family business with traditional business rigors via a family board;

  • Innovative solutions to bring technology to the forefront of your business;

  • End-to-end reporting solutions to provide timely advice;

  • Accounting and tax compliance, tax planning and forecasting;

  • Estate, succession and retirement planning;

  • Remote communications and information technology services;

  • Farm equipment and vehicle finance, along with stock and crop funding and seasonal finance;

  • Set and identify measureable goals to accomplish in realistic time frames; and

  • Educate the next generation on the business of family farming.

What we do

We serve more than 600 regional clients in South Australia in Pre and Post Farm Gate production, providing end-to-end business solutions for small to large businesses.

Why Hood Sweeney?

Headed by dedicated leaders with experience in the industry, we understand how complex it can be to run a rural or farming enterprise, whether we’re talking about money or the vagaries of anything from the weather to international markets.

We have offices in Clare, Burra and Whyalla which are supported by more than 130 staff in our Adelaide office.

We are a strong supporter of regional community groups and are committed to accelerating business growth, employment and development in the State’s agribusiness.

Get in touch

Get in touch with Hood Sweeney to see how we can help your organisation or call us now on 1300 764 200

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