Cloud accounting: Xero

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Why Xero?

From baking to bricklaying, consulting to crafting, whatever keeps you busy, Xero can make your business life easier. Xero is online accounting software that connects you with your numbers, your business and us at Hood Sweeney. Anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Bringing more heads to your books is easy with Xero. Just give us access and we’ll log in, look at your numbers and give advice. It’s perfect for spotting opportunities and nipping problems in the bud, swiftly and easily.

Mobile access

You can now access your accounts, check your balances, upload receipts and invoice customers from your smartphone or tablet with Xero’s iPhone or Android app, while you’re on the road or having a quiet coffee.

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Reconcile from anywhere

Xero receives your bank statements automatically via a secure connection, making it easy to reconcile and gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business before you’ve left the breakfast table. And if something doesn’t look right, you can leave a comment so we can log in and give you a quick health check.

Painless payroll

Xero is an accounting and payroll solution all rolled into one, making manual entry a thing of the past. Super payments and tax updates are automatic, plus a special portal gives you a complete snapshot of your payroll and leave.

Invoicing helps you get paid faster

With Xero, you can log in and send an invoice the minute a job is done. You’ll then be notified when your customer opens the invoice, and they have the option of paying you online right away. 

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Integration with business applications

Xero integrates with over 400 business app, some of these include:

  • Fathom - financial analysis, reporting, benchmarking and consolidation
  • Deputy - employee scheduling, time and attendance management
  • Vend - point of sale and inventory management
  • Kounta - hospitality specific point of sale
  • CorePlus - health practice management
  • Cliniko - health practice management
  • WorkflowMAX - client, job and document management

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Hood Sweeney Xero Cloud Accounting Brochure


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