• Merry Christmas

    8 December 2017

    The directors and staff of Hood Sweeney would like to wish you a safe and merry Christmas.

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  • The Flying Fig Deli

    4 December 2017

    CS Flying Fig 271017FA Page 1

    With previous industry experience and lessons coming from both past successes and failures, Paul Serafin established his next big idea – The Flying Fig Deli. Click here to learn more

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  • New Health Team Member

    6 November 2017

    News item Trien Ly

    There are three reasons you’d trust any taxation or business advice from our Health team’s new manager, Trien Ly. First, before finding his calling in the financial world, Trien had a ten-year career as biomedical engineer, so he understands what you’re talking about.

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  • JPG and Hood Sweeney invest in Clare Valley Region

    23 August 2017

    Hood Sweeney JPG

    JPG Accountancy & Advising and Hood Sweeney are partnering to better service clients in regional South Australia.

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  • Payroll tax changes

    31 July 2017

    Hood Sweeney payroll tax changes

    The payroll tax changes announced by the State Government in the 2017 Budget are now applicable.

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  • Life + Toil - Issue 5

    25 July 2017

    Hood Sweeney Life + Toil Issue 5

    Issue 5 of Hood Sweeney's lifestyle magazine, Life + Toil, focuses on the small to medium business (SMEs) that are the backbone of the South Australian economy.

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  • Discounted rates for green vehicles or equipment

    7 June 2017

    Hood Sweeney Green Vehicle

    Choosing a greener vehicle can make a real difference to the environment and your wallet.

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  • Life + Practice Special Edition

    23 May 2017

    Hood Sweeney Superannuation Changes Edition

    The Federal Government has legislated the most significant changes to superannuation since 2007 which will come into effect 1 July 2017.

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  • Insight into SMEs

    24 March 2017

    SME Research Executive Summary 2016 17

    The overwhelming majority of businesses in Australia are SMEs. Hood Sweeney has access to up-to-date research on the SME sector. To read the executive summary, click here.

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  • Introducing IT Disaster Recovery

    6 March 2017

    Hood Sweeney Disaster Recovery

    Backing up data and protecting it is critical.

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