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Leadership Development

Problem: The business is now too big or complex for the current leadership to sustain the past level of performance.

Ultimately a business will never consistently outperform the leadership that guides it.

Often technical excellence will lead to growth, thrusting the technician into the role of business leader as their team grows. Technical excellence leads to growth which the leadership cannot sustain because running a business is a very different skill set to being good at your craft.

What our experience in coaching more than 130 businesses around Australia has continually shown us is that good business leaders are looking to establish more leadership ability in and around themselves.

Good businesses develop good leaders in support of the leader - it’s too much for the leader to do it on their own.

The Hood Sweeney Performance Coaching team will continually work with you to develop the leadership of your business. Additionally, we deliver an intimate course that is a simple yet powerful insight into leadership development.

Topics include, but are by no means limited to:

  • The difference between leadership and management
  • How to navigate your team or business through important projects successfully
  • How to avoid having your team and clients fall back
  • The importance of the ‘group collective’ in leadership
  • How to engage all your results-producing stakeholders and sustain that momentum.
  • In essence, we will show you how to lead yourself, lead others and then to lead a legacy.

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