Testimonials: What others are saying

It’s all very well for us to say this, but what are others like you saying?


Coaching Club

Whether the focus is on marketing, systems, team development or leadership, together with the interaction of other business owners, valuable insights are gained that have had a positive impact on our people and the business. The simple format has enabled each division to be clear on what is expected of them and made our management of their performance much easier. We have found the coaching experience to be very worthwhile and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon and his team if you are seeking assistance with your business.

KM, 56, GM, Commercial Plumbing

These guys know what they are about and continue to be original and relevant.
JS, 37, Partner, Residential Construction



Coaching has really opened our eyes to the fact that systems can work in creative businesses. It’s led to a far better engagement from our team and more empowerment in the team - and importantly less reliance on the principals. This has flowed through to the bottom line where we’re seeing a better income and profit through the whole business.

D.B., 40, Principal, Architecture



The Hood Sweeney coaches know exactly when to educate you and exactly when to challenge you. Having been on the receiving end of a staunch challenge from my coach – which I never get from anyone else I might add – completely opened my mind to the possibilities and reshaped an old outdated mode of thinking, all for the benefit of the business.

CT, 34, Director, Retail


 Workshop Facilitation

The leadership and control of the workshop was outstanding to the extent that the researchers applauded at the conclusion. They kept control of the agenda, lead participants back to the key focus of the workshop and drove the discussions to a good outcome.
RH, Medical Professor



Coaching has been an ideal environment to share ideas with other people, reflect on our business, and implement what so far have been some pretty exciting changes in our business. Sometimes as leaders within our business we can get into patterns over time of the way we run our businesses that we just have to stop and reflect on how we go about daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. For me, coaching has been a great way to reflect on that and remind myself that there’s always ways to do things differently.
SH, 37, Owner, Horse Stud


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