Strategic Planning

Build a market-leading strategy.

Our proven strategic planning process is underpinned by the belief that to be ahead of the competition your business needs the following:

  • A simple and relevant plan that supports where the business wants to go
  • Clear, creative, consistent and congruent language throughout the business strategy plan
  • A rhythm and process that allows your business to track the progress of all strategies.

Our Performance Coaches understand that in the fast pace environment of business today very few owners and executives make time to read - let alone develop  - wordy, unwieldy and uninspiring business plans. That is where our expertise will help your business to build a strategy that fits into one powerful, useable, purpose driven, unforgettable page.

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How do we deliver the plan?

To kick start the process and ensure everyone who is attending the planning 'has their head in the game’ we will engage key people in the business to complete a short online survey (in advance of the session(s)) around some of the points for discussion.

A summary of these answers will be presented during the planning session and the whole data (which is very useful in itself) is made available prior to or immediately following the session.

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What do we cover?

  • Foundation – Why the business exists & what makes it successful? 
  • Destination – Where are we heading and how do we get there?
  • Implementation – What are the key things to be done by whom by when?  

graphic 4 purpose

The end result is a succinct live One-Page Success Plan which brings clarity, purpose, direction and structure to the business. It neatly captures the ingredients for your success: 

  • Why the business exists
  • Core values & beliefs central to the business 
  • The vision and long-term ideal destination for the business
  • Your core competencies that give you a competitive edge 
  • Important 1-5 year initiatives & key points for success
  • Identification of the productivity drivers
  • Identification of the heart of key stakeholder relationships
  • Core SWOT analysis
  • Strategic filters that guide your strategic decision-making
  • Annual performance goals and priorities for the next 12 months 
  • Cultural trademarks to support the values, purpose & destination.

We are adept at customising these One-Page Success plans. If there are other areas that you feel need to be addressed then please raise these for discussion in advance of the session.

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For further information on how our team could help you build a strategic plan please either call our Performance Coaching team on 1300 764 200 or email.