Productivity and Execution

Problem: You seem to be losing time, money and energy but gaining stress, debt and weight.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, cash in the bank, or coffee in your system! You’re awake during the night, dipping into your overdraft and have dropped off your exercise. You’re grumpy at the kids and your partner is grumpy at you. 

For many business owners, unfortunately, much of this sounds familiar.

Many businesses struggle to execute on their plans or intentions. This is not unusual given the time demands and competing interests that are part of the modern day business environment. Nonetheless nearly everyone recognises that their business would be significantly better if they could improve the execution of their plans in their business.

Your customised Dashboard, with its One-Page Success Plan (OPSP), is a great place to start to improve productivity and execution. Why? Because it is designed to do exactly this by creating clarity and alignment.

It helps you get ahead of the competition by distilling the core ingredients of your success into a living, breathing plan key people in your business can measure themselves against.

It aligns your decisions and the team in the same direction while providing an accountability framework against monthly, quarterly and annual targets. Many a great plan loses its punch through the lack of implementation and this is where the accountability of visible goals and a consistent meeting rhythm elevates business performance.

However we can also assist at the operational level with coaching around time management, work habits, systems and processes. To this last point, businesses often ignore reviewing errors and mistakes that are made due to poor processes. There is no budget for doing things twice!

We believe in a systematic approach to process mapping to achieve small, incremental changes in processes that improve efficiency and quality. Although they are small changes the outcomes can be game changing.

For find out how you can improve the productivity in your business, please call our Performance Coaching team on 1300 764 200 or email.