Culture of High Performance

Problem: Your culture is hurting your business; your people are limiting your success.

When a business grows from a great technician or is the continuation of a former successful legacy (such as a family business or a merger/buy-out), there were values and behaviour standards that drove that previous success.

A business started by an individual that grew because of that individual was fed by their personal values and behaviour standards. Typically they did good work in a timely manner. Put more simply, they cared!

As a business grows it becomes harder to maintain standards - like quality, timeliness, care - as the team has to take over a much greater representation of the business.

Since the collective thinking and behaviour of your team is your culture and your culture is the single biggest enabler or disabler of your strategy, it makes sense to invest in it.

Coaching brings a ‘process’ or structure that the participants then marry their situation against. What this means for the participants is that the coaching content is always relevant and immediately applicable, whether it’s a growth opportunity, leadership development, financial literacy, a difficult conversation, soft skills, team dynamics or even a strategic opportunity.

We find the strengths-based, inclusive and collaborative nature of coaching is very endearing for the participants. It also enables them to see and act on a situation differently.

We can achieve this through a number of different platforms:

1:1 (or 1: Many) coaching & mentoring
Behavioural profiling
Customised Team Development Programs
Short courses

For further information on developing a culture of high performance, please either call our Performance Coaching team on 1300 764 200 or email.