Coaching Club: A shared journey

Problem: Business can feel lonely and you think you’re the only one feeling this way.

Coaching Club is the aggregation of other business owners just like you sharing the same triumphs and challenges as you. 

By bringing you together and sharing your experiences you will soon realise you are not alone and that seemingly different businesses actually have a lot to offer you.

Every quarter you will be invited to participate in the highly popular Coaching Club days with these other likeminded business leaders. This is a workshop that delivers leading edge, immediate and relevant solutions for your business. It also is a great way to hear what other businesses are going through and build your knowledge on business, strategy and leadership.

Your Customised Dashboard

Coaching Club is supported by an extension of the OPSP which builds a rhythm into the business where the business leaders track and discuss monthly commitments. This is completed through an elegantly sophisticated dashboard tool that the business and its leadership group will have access to.

The dashboard tool enables active reflection which leads to committed action. 

Each quarter the discussion turns to the annual strategic plan whereby progress is updated and priorities are allocated to staff. This embeds an action for work into the dashboard that everyone on the leadership team is held accountable to.

The Coaching Club Program delivers quality results and is held in high regard by the attendees who maintain the simple coaching rhythm that it implements into their business.

For further information on the Coaching Club please either call our Performance Coaching team on 1300 764 200 or email.