Adventure Based Leadership Programs

For organisational leaders in Adelaide looking to gain quick insights into the leadership potential and performance dynamics of their team.

Adventure Based Learning Experiences (ABLE) is a development process that uses an outdoor adventure experience to accelerate your future success.

Adventure Based Learning Experiences succinctly bridges the gap between the formal and informal development of your people by harnessing the widely-accepted understanding that the most meaningful learning occurs when knowledge and skills are acquired through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.

Unlike other offerings where the benefit quickly diminishes after the completion of the event, Adventure Based Learning Experiences expands the momentum generated by the experience into a process of improvement over the ensuing six months. This enables far greater traction back in the work environment where real results are desired.

ABLE encapsulates the four cornerstones that are essential to consistent business success - planning, leadership, productivity and relationships - by bringing all of these critical facets into one micro-event in an authentic overnight South Australian countryside challenge.

The program is based around the 7 Steps of Navigation, a proven method in any outdoor activity requiring a successful transition from Position A to Position B. In corporate parlance, there are strong parallels for change management, business development, strategic success or transition planning.

Two things separate the ABLE program from other development programs:

  1. We start with the end in mind. Our first step is to understand the context of the work application you are seeking by undertaking the experience. This requires us to understand the values & principles that drive your organisation while assisting you to get clear on what you want the deliverables to be from the process. That means every experience is tailored to the user.
  2. The Adventure Based Learning Experience is a process, not an event. Events are motivational, but processes are transformational and we’re serious about moving your people, team or business from A to B.

The following diagram summarises the model

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What is it?

Adventure Based Learning Experiences utilises a 24-hour overnight adventure experience to precipitate learning experiences that form the backbone for ongoing development.

The program is supported by follow-up sessions in the organisation at 1, 3 & 6 months with an expert performance coach to consolidate what was begun during the 24-hour adventure experience.


Who is it for?

If you’re serious about developing your team and want to extend them in the most recognised environment for effective learning, then ABLE will assist your people quicker than any lectures, conferences, papers or PowerPoint presentations ever will.

Adventure Based Learning Experiences is best suited to forward-thinking leaders who recognise the power of investing in their team to create leveraged improvement. It is for businesses seeking a ‘multiplier effect’ rather than an ‘additive’ effect. That’s why it is a 6-month investment in development, not a 24-hour investment in an experience. The experience simply initiates the drive to change.


It has certainly identified a number of key steps (7 steps) and the importance of planning and checking you progress along the way to ensure you're still on the right path. Very relevant to accurately reading and interpreting specific instructions and addressing key issues required.

Staff Member 1



For all involved it will highlight different learning/leadership qualities. For me personally it has made me more aware of my own traits, together with strength areas, and areas to work in with regards to leading a team.


Staff Member 2


This experience has taught me the importance of planning and working as a team to achieve the mutual goal.


Staff Member 3

Valuations business, 40+ staff 

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