Performance business coach to guide you along your journey.

For all the people a business can involve, running a business can be a very lonely role at times. Decision-making, problem-solving, putting out fires, managing clients and team members, worrying about money, wondering whether what you are doing is right, uncertainty about how to grow, feeling out of  control, wondering where this is all going for you, having no one to confide in lest you seem weak or incapable … these are all challenges regularly faced by business owners.

Coaching provides a supportive and empowering environment that enables business owners to build robust and sustainable businesses by using the hallmarks of successful business to shift their thinking and the action that follows.

We are not here to tell you how to run your business; we are here to work with you to run a great business.

Over time, coaching will accelerate your business success by helping you aggregate a wealth of gains in key areas recognised as being critical to a great outcome:

  1. Financial Acumen & Business Valuation
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Leadership
  4. Culture of High Performance
  5. Productivity & Execution
  6. Growth
  7. Succession

It is important to recognise that successful businesses aren’t built on a silver bullet; they’re built on an aggregation of small things done better for longer than the competition over years.

It is entirely up to you what a successful business will look like for you, and we will help you define that. Typically a great business is not reliant on you as an owner and it should deliver the time, fulfilment and financial return you desire.

Who do we work with?

Do you suffer from one or more of the following?

  • You have no idea of what your business is worth or why.
  • You have failed to work out clearly how you are going to excel in your chosen markets.
  • Your business is now too big or complex for the current leadership to sustain the past level of performance.
  • Your culture is hurting your business; your people are limiting your success.
  • You’re losing time, money and energy but gaining stress, debt and weight.
  • You don’t know how to grow your business or take it to the next level.
  • Business feels lonely and you think you’re the only one feeling this way.
  • You have no real idea of what the end game looks like for you.

Our clients typically demonstrate the following traits:

  • The business owner or leader is the sole owner or in a family owned business
  • They are quality oriented
  • Masters of their technical craft
  • Have demonstrated success in other areas of their life
  • Have a growth mind-set
  • They are also playing the long game
  • Prepared to invest in getting help
  • Are committed to playing their role in developing themselves and their business.

As a result we have worked with many levels of many kinds of organisations from:

  • Private enterprise
  • SMEs
  • Corporates
  • Government departments
  • Not-for-profit entities.

And we already have a wealth of experience in such diverse areas as:

  • Professional services
  • Trades
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Sport
  • Hospitality
  • Technology
  • Viticulture.

But never underestimate the value of fresh eyes – with a mind to match – in other areas…

When you join our stable you don’t just get a coach, you get a team of coaches.

The CPC team at Hood Sweeney is led by Simon Starr, Director of Consulting & Performance and includes John Christensen and Laura Hoile.

The diversity of the expertise within the group is extensive – strategic thinking, leadership development, LEAN process thinking, sales training, marketing, feasibility studies, grant access - and you have access to this collective expertise. 

At times, where appropriate, with your permission and under the direction of your Lead Coach (and as approved by Simon Starr) we may introduce another coach into a session or even the relationship to address a specific need we are working on with you at that time.

To find out how Hood Sweeney Performance Coaching could help you please call our Performance Coaching team on 1300 764 200 or email.