Are you having issues with any of the following?

  • Staff not doing as they are told?
  • Not enough time in the day?
  • Cash-flow worries?
  • Lack of support for yourself running the business?
  • Finding it lonely building your dream?
  • Or even frustrated by the inconsistency of your business?

Coaching enables business owners to build robust and sustainable businesses by shifting their thinking and the action that follows.

We are not here to tell you how to run your business; we are here to empower you to run a great business. A great business is not reliant on you as an owner and it should deliver the time, satisfaction and financial return you desire. 

We believe that

 graphic 4 combined


Coaching empowers you to challenge the status quo and provide you and your team with the tools to become better leaders and build a stronger organisation. Significantly, we also listen to you. So while we will lead you, we will also be responsive to you to help your business remain nimble in today’s fast-paced market. 


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Hood Sweeney Coaching will shift your thinking and provide you with a platform of action.


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If these principles are speaking to you then you are a fit for us and we will be a fit for you. This is important because the compatibility of the cultural fit between the coaching & the client is directly proportional to the result. The best results from coaching come from those who bring an open mind and committed action. We'll do the rest!