Our Services

Owning or running a business is a journey with a thousand crossroads and no map.

You definitely don’t receive an instruction manual on day one – in particular how to make decisions to grow the business and lead a team effectively.

Yet, every crucial decision you take along this roller coaster ride has the power to change the course of your business.

Fortunately, with the right support, you don’t have to walk that journey alone, nor make your most courageous decisions without the foresight and knowledge of a trusted adviser beside you.

Hood Sweeney's People & Culture Consulting team are committed to helping individuals and businesses make the right decisions to grow their business, in the following areas.

Our services.

HR/ industrial relations compliance

  • HR health checks, policies and contracts
  • Employee relations

HR strategy and change management

  • Workforce planning
  • Organisational structural reviews
  • Developing an employee value proposition

Performance management

  • Performance review systems
  • Aligned reward systems
  • Salary benchmarking

Leadership development

  • Executive and management development programs
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 360-degree surveys

Cultural transformation

  • Climate and engagement surveys
  • Team behavioural frameworks
  • Health and well being programs

Recruitment and selection

  • End-to-end solutions or specific stage support

Learning and development

  • Training-needs analysis
  • Training workshops