Hood Sweeney’s Finance team is dedicated to extracting the maximum benefit from your financing facilities.

Our services include:

  • personal and commercial lending
  • bank financing reviews and negotiation with lenders
  • plant and equipment finance.

How much should you pay for money? Like all things, it pays to shop for finance, and not just when you’re in the market to borrow.

The problem is there are over 15 banks and 100 different lending institutions in Australia today offering a plethora of products. How do you decide where to go and what to choose?

The answer is, of course, to consult with experts who’ve been doing it all their lives: the Finance team at Hood Sweeney. Because, when you find the right finance, it can suddenly make your journey to prosperity a lot faster and smoother.

Through our proven skills and knowledge in commercial, equipment and personal finance, we know what products are available, how to pick the one that suits your needs and how to gain the best possible deal.

On top of that, acquiring a new loan, refinancing your debt or renegotiating with lenders can produce spectacular results for your cash flow and bottom line, either as an organisation or an individual.

And if you own a business, a bank financing review can provide either a significant financial benefit or the peace of mind that you are receiving market-competitive rates and services from your current banker.

Our team’s experience in finance, combined with the accounting and taxation skills within Hood Sweeney, make us a formidable champion for your cause when dealing with financiers.

The advantages of consulting with the Finance team at Hood Sweeney

  • Hood Sweeney is not tied to any financial institution, allowing us to operate always with your best interests in mind
  • Hood Sweeney holds an Australian Credit Licence (number 391396)
  • For our bank financing review service, our fee is based on a percentage of the saving we gain for you, so: no saving, no fee

Our finance specialists have the experience and relationships formed from over 40 years in the finance and banking industry.



Hood Sweeney Finance is a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.

Hood Sweeney Finance Pty Ltd
Australian Credit Licence No 391396
ABN 12 113 454 014