Consulting & Performance Coaching

If your business could use some improvement (and whose couldn’t?), your finger is hovering over the button to start a key project or you need to undertake some fundamental change within your organisation, it’s time you spoke to Hood Sweeney’s Consulting & Performance Coaching team.

Over the years, we have worked with every level of every kind of organisation, from private enterprise to SMEs, government departments and not-for-profit entities. And we already have a wealth of experience in such diverse areas as professional services, construction, retail, health, education, agriculture, property, medical, sport, hospitality, technology and viticulture. But never underestimate the value of fresh eyes – with a mind to match – in other areas.

But what truly sets us apart is the way we work; it’s not our style, seemingly, to drop from the heavens, deliver some pearls of wisdom and depart. Our commitment is to work beside you over the long term to ensure that you have precisely what you need to ensure sustainable improvement.

We provide:

  • the tools to drive future objectives over the long term
  • the discipline and rhythm to elevate your performance
  • the guidance and support to unlock your latent potential.

We stand ready to help you segue into the next phase of your business journey, whether that’s through personal development, business strategy or addressing any succession or growth challenges. Be assured we will take the time to understand you and your journey: where you have been and where you would like to go.

If you’re frustrated because you know you have the capability, Hood Sweeney offers the following services backed up by our knowledge, discipline and guidance to make your goals a reality.


  • Strategic planning: establishing priorities and alignment for the future direction of your business
  • Workshop facilitation: structured guidance to achieve relevant solutions to a defined problem
  • Succession: Structured and comprehensive framework for supporting the complexities of entry and exit of business owners
  • Transition and transformations: providing comprehensive project management and a framework for governance to ensure successful implementation of critical change
  • Corporate governance reviews: in-depth reviews of your structure and governance in preparation for the next stage of growth
  • Business diagnostic: a review of operations, financial metrics, governance and people

Performance Coaching

  • Mentors for business leaders: one-on-one coaching with a distinct platform and meeting rhythm
  • Coaching clubs: small-group coaching with like-minded business leaders for strong learning and accounting deliverables

Leadership & Development Courses

  • Corporate training: internal training on a suite of soft skill topics emphasising personal and professional development (e.g. service, time management, communication and self leadership)
  • Leadership coaching: small-group training exploring the proven laws of leadership


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Hood Sweeney Consulting Brochure


  Hood Sweeney Performance Coaching Brochure

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