Branding & Marketing Advisory

We make marketing count.

We started in accounting more than 40 years ago and as Hood Sweeney and our clients have grown we’ve sought new ways to help their businesses expand and thrive. That’s why, alongside accounting, we developed business advisory, finance, financial planning, coaching, consulting and technology services. To top it off, we now offer Branding & Marketing Advisory, drawing on our team’s years of expertise in digital and traditional marketing, branding, websites, social media and content creation.

There is no doubt branding and marketing offer significant potential to contribute to the long-term value of your business and brand and its capacity to grow your profits. So, do you really know who you could confidently turn to for sage advice and strategies that make dollars as well as sense?

Hood Sweeney has long-held relationships with specialist partners we trust and who share our values, supporting this new advisory service. Together we collaborate to deliver tangible results that can make your business more visible, more competitive and more efficient and ultimately can add to the bottom line.

Improve your aim with a single focus.

Instead of relying on disparate inputs from a number of unaffiliated providers, Hood Sweeney Branding & Marketing Advisory gives you a single focus that’s strategically led by our in-house marketing team.

This is an enormous asset for any business lacking its own marketing people, or expertise. It can also help larger businesses refine their aim by tapping into a team with a fresh focus and decades of experience in branding, marketing and business development.

Find out how Hood Sweeney Branding & Marketing Advisory can help focus your aim and make your marketing accountable, email or call on 1300 764 200.