Our Services

By getting to know our clients as people, we understand their needs, their hopes, their fears and their dreams, allowing us to adopt and adapt our financial services each specifically requires.

Over the years, this has meant finding new ways to make those dreams a reality by adding new financial services, resources and insights, and by staying on the crest of our industry’s innovation in Adelaide.

As a result, today, we have more than 120 staff in three offices serving over 3,000 clients throughout South Australia, ranging from small- to medium-sized private businesses, agribusiness enterprises, health providers and not-for-profits, through seven service divisions: 

  • Accounting and Business Advisory
  • Consulting and Performance Coaching
  • Financial Planning*
  • Technology Services
  • Finance#
  • People and Culture Consulting
  • Branding and Marketing Advisory

Over the past four decades, this is how we have helped innumerable clients navigate their way along their chosen path.

By joining the journey we are on, we have helped make theirs easier, safer and more rewarding.

If you’re at a crossroad in life, maybe it’s time you sought a different financial direction.

In this section, you can discover all the services we can put at your disposal.

Or, you can simply call us to have us explain in person what we can do to put you on the road to success, however you measure it.

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The benefits of having so many financial services.

Peace of mind

Isn’t that what you really want from your accounting and tax compliance? Hood Sweeney accounting firm’s dedicated and experienced professionals are in your corner to ensure that your business and personal accounting and tax requirements are completed on time with scrupulous attention to detail. So you end up with no surprises and the ability to sleep at nights.

  • Personal accounting and taxation compliance
  • Taxation structures
  • Business accounting and taxation compliance
  • Business secretarial assistance
  • Business financial reporting
  • Payroll and payroll tax
  • Salary packaging*
  • Bookkeeping
  • ATO representation
  • Service trusts
  • Information technology management with systems and security auditing

Wealth management and creation

The road to a prosperous future starts with a clear map of where you’re going and a strategy for getting there. One of those key strategies is to manage your current cash flow so you can generate enough income to establish a clear financial position, allowing you to create a portfolio that will sustain you into retirement. At Hood Sweeney, our specialist knowledge can maximise your income through: tax advice, budgeting, business tax planning and salary sacrifice advice.

  • Personal goal identification and strategy*
  • Life-stage mapping*
  • Personal superannuation and retirement planning*
  • Personal investment assessment and advice*
  • Financial planning advice*
  • Support for business sales, mergers and acquisitions
  • Establishing relationships with financiers
  • Management and advisory assistance

Asset protection

You’ve spent your whole life building your assets. But it’s chilling to discover just how little it might take to lose it all. Through our specialist practice structure, service trust, asset protection and estate planning advice, Hood Sweeney can secure your income, your assets and your future.

  • Debt reduction*
  • Personal ownership and financing
  • Estate planning, asset protection, wills and trusts*
  • Succession planning*
  • Marital dispute settlement support
  • Business structuring

Risk management

Working systematically through your business and personal objectives, Hood Sweeney will develop tailored risk management solutions that ensure your income is protected, your gearing is optimised, your estate is planned and your succession is mapped out.

  • Personal income protection and insurance*
  • Estate planning*
  • Business insurance review and advice*
  • Business due diligence
  • Risk consultancy services
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery contingency planning

Business solutions

Managing the complexity of small- to medium-sized businesses and practices can be a nightmare. But there’s no need to lose sleep. Hood Sweeney will work side by side with you to help plan your future, reduce your business risks and improve your connectivity and communications, adding value to both the drivers of your business and your bottom line.

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Business Diagnostic Tool
  • Unified communications solutions
  • Infrastructure integration advice
  • Information technology consultancy and strategic planning
  • Business and service trust structuring


* Services provided by Hood Sweeney Securities Pty Ltd AFSL No. 220897 
# Services provided by Hood Sweeney Finance Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence No. 391396