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Safeguard your business systems the same way you protect your family

We all want to protect our loved ones and our homes. Our doors are always secured and locked. Keys are only given to our most trusted inner circle, and we watch out for our family members to ensure they are safe and healthy.

In an age of sophisticated technological threats, why not apply this same idea to protecting your business.

The infrastructure of a business is very similar to our home environment. We need to have a secure door, or a UTM (Unified Threat Management) device, protecting incoming and outgoing internet traffic from modern threats and known attacks.

We also need to make sure that family members, or authorised user accounts, can only login to our Active Directory on-premises and Azure Active Directory. We can confirm a user’s identity by entering their unique credentials alongside a deployed MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), like a key to a door.

While we strive to keep our family members healthy and happy, similarly, we must also check the health of our workstations, laptops, and devices on a network, deploying a proven endpoint protection or EPDR.

We’ve all heard of anti-viruses and how important they are, but these days standalone anti-virus engines are not enough. Threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated every day, which is why cybersecurity companies all over the world invest in and develop EPDR solutions for businesses like yours.

And let’s not forget about remote access to your environment. The COVID pandemic changed the picture of our workplaces completely, making it necessary for IT companies to provide users with remote access solutions.

But what if your laptop or workstation were stolen, or compromised by a perpetrator? You wouldn’t want a stranger to be able to reach your company data! In this scenario, the only safe way for a business to access their environment remotely is to use an encrypted means that is also protected by MFA. The MFA application on your mobile phone confirms your identity, allowing only you to connect to the VPN. Without confirming this, you couldn’t access emails, private documents or even your desktop.

MFA adds an extra level of security that requires your presence no matter what.

Now, imagine all these security pieces in one place. A unique account and individual tokens for each user for all your infrastructure resources:

• Login to laptop
• Emails
• Data
• Remote access (VPN) to your office
• Remote access to your servers (RDS – remote Desktop
• Devices on your network connected to the same portal
including UTM device
• Wi-Fi Access Points.

All it takes is one click to restrict access to your company data and there is the added safety of reports, which provide full visibility of the infrastructure.
At Hood Sweeney Technology we care about our clients and the wellbeing of their businesses. Find out about our cybersecurity plus MFA solution and more at our website or ring us on 1300 764 200 to find out how we can help your business.

Download a pdf copy here.

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