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Technology Services

Information Technology is crucial to any business using the internet; whether it’s the hardware staff need to do their jobs, interconnecting these devices, or protecting information and IP of the organisation. Secure, fast and efficient IT is vital to keeping your operations running smoothly.

As your business grows, so too does the need for proactive risk mitigation strategies; you need to take the steps

to secure your information and educate your staff in information technology policies and procedures.


Hood Sweeney Technology Services can provide advice and guidance to businesses without sufficient internal technology support resources, or businesses seeking an inventory of what they have in place and what they need to support their growth goals.

Keeping your information safe from increasingly sophisticated and prevalent cyber threats, and getting operations back up and running after a glitch, whether it’s a natural disaster or an internal malfunction, are also our specialties.

You can benefit greatly from having external technology resources, which can provide up-to-date expertise, and round-the-clock support if necessary, so you can get on with the business side of your operations.

How it works

We can take over many of your technology needs. While you maintain control over the project, you are not directly involved with all the details and execution, which frees you up for other matters.

We can help review the systems you have in place, implement security checks and upgrades, integrate systems and oversee disaster recovery setups.
We have many information technology support options that we can customise around your specific business needs such as;

  • Reviews of infrastructure, applications and systems
  • IT Cyber Security reviews
  • Security Awareness training
  • Cloud Solutions – integration, migration, advice
  • Data Management
  • Disaster Recovery Practices
  • Hardware – servers, desktops, notebooks, tablets, printers, networking, Wi-Fi, Point of Sale
  • Software – applications, perpetual licensing, subscription licensing

Get in touch

Get in touch with Hood Sweeney to see how we can help your organisation or call us now on 1300 764 200

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