A complete staff management toolkit to leave your spreadsheets behind.

The Hood Sweeney Accounting & Business Advisory team utilises Deputy, a cloud based 'platform’ to manage your workplace.

Deputy is the ultimate workforce manager, offering you the best technology in a web based solution. Simplifying your scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and employee communication. With brilliant apps and one click payroll integration, we make your life easier. Let us get you back to loving your business again.

It can be used securely on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even Apple watches.

Deputy allows you to prepare employee schedules in minutes and notify everyone with one click.  If you have multiple locations, it can capture when and where your employees work and provide insight into workforce productivity. Keep your staff informed sharing important messages and provide an easy way to contribute to workplace conversation. 

Deputy manages:

  • Full costed employee schedules
  • Mobile access to time clock and timesheets
  • Award interpretation of payrates
  • Workplace communications
  • Tasking and performance


For more information please contact our Food, Wine & Hospitality Team on 1300 764 200 or email