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Hood Sweeney understands that in the fast-paced environment of business today very few owners and executives have time to read - let alone develop - wordy, unwieldy and uninspiring business plans.

That is where our expertise will help your business to build a strategy that fits into one powerful, useable, purpose-driven and unforgettable page.

Strategic Planning

Build a market-leading strategy.

Our proven strategic planning process is underpinned by the belief that to be ahead of the competition, your business needs the following:

A simple and relevant plan that supports where the business wants to go

Clear, creative, consistent and congruent language throughout the business strategy plan

A rhythm and process that allows your business to track the progress of all strategies.

Team Development

Reducing the reliance on you!

Why is team development so important for your business?

The collective thinking and behaviour of your team is your culture. Your culture is the single biggest enabler or disabler of your strategy, so it makes sense to invest in it. The key is to fast-track the growth of the team while keeping tabs on the latest best practices.

The great thing about the business coaching and leadership development elements of our Consulting arm is that they bring a ‘process’ as much as they bring content. Any content is typically a model or structure in support of change that the participants then marry their situation against to see how that would look and work for them. What this means for the participants is that the consulting is always relevant and immediately applicable, whether it’s leadership development, a difficult conversation, team dynamics or even a strategic opportunity.

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