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Cloud Solutions

Our extensive experience in the Food and Hospitality industry means that we have developed solutions tailored to you.

We utilise cloud-based technology with the most appropriate applications to save you time and money performing administration tasks.

Our business solutions will handle everything from Point of Sale (POS) to employee schedules and timesheets.

Your data might be in the cloud but our solutions keep your feet on the ground.

Integration with business applications

Xero integrates with over 400 business applications, some of these include:

  • Fathom - financial analysis, reporting, benchmarking and consolidation
  • Deputy - employee scheduling, time and attendance management
  • Vend - point of sale and inventory management
  • Lightspeed Kounta POS - hospitality specific point of sale.

Cloud Accounting

Xero is online accounting software that connects you with your numbers, your business and us - the Hood Sweeney Accounting & Business Advisory team.

It’s easy to use, smart, flexible and secure.

It comfortably becomes an integral part of your business, relieving your team of the tedious tasks and giving you the tools to grow.

And, crucially, its smart reporting software provides a 24/7 real-time window to your financial position. You can now access your accounts, check your balances, upload receipts and invoice customers from your smartphone or tablet with Xero’s iPhone or Android app, while you’re on the road or having a quiet coffee.

Just give us access and we’ll log in, look at your numbers and provide advice. It’s perfect for spotting opportunities and nipping problems in the bud, swiftly and easily.

Xero receives your bank statements automatically via a secure connection, making it easy to reconcile and gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business before you’ve left the house.

And if something doesn’t look right, you can leave a comment so we can log in and give you a quick health check.

Invoicing helps you get paid faster with Xero. You can log in and send an invoice the minute a job is done. You’ll then be notified when your customer opens the invoice, and they have the option of paying you online right away.

Point of Sale

Cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) platforms are the way of the future.

These apps can be easily managed from multiple devices and come with a range of benefits that save you time and money.

Despite many aspects of the industries remaining unchanged, such as customer-centred service, POS systems and the way customers interact are always progressing.

The Hood Sweeney Accounting & Business Advisory team utilises Lightspeed Kounta POS, a cloud-based ‘platform’ of sale that is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run any store. The team will set up an integrated POS system that provides you with advanced technology to make running your business easier and give you real-time data to make better decisions.

Lightspeed Kounta POS can be used securely in both online and offline modes on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even some traditional POS equipment already available.

Lightspeed Kounta POS manages all aspects of your POS:

  • Sell – simple attractive layout designed specifically for the hospitality industry
  • Manage – manage your inventory, customers, report and staff
  • Extend – speaks to Xero, Deputy and many other add-on programs


The Hood Sweeney Accounting & Business Advisory team utilises Deputy, a cloud-based 'platform’ to manage your workplace.

Deputy is the ultimate workforce manager, offering you the best technology in a web-based solution. Simplifying your scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and employee communication. With brilliant apps and one-click payroll integration, we make your life easier.

It can be used securely on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even Apple watches.

Deputy allows you to prepare employee schedules in minutes and notify everyone with one click.  If you have multiple locations, it can capture when and where your employees work and provide insight into workforce productivity. Keep your staff informed, sharing important messages and provide an easy way to contribute to workplace conversation.

Deputy manages:

  • Full costed employee schedules
  • Mobile access to time clock and timesheets
  • Award interpretation of payrates
  • Workplace communications
  • Tasking and performance


We can take away the stress business owners face regarding the back-office paperwork associated with their operations, streamlining the process to ensure ATO compliance, up-to-date reporting and KPI monitoring.

We offer a full suite of bookkeeping services. If there are elements you want to add or remove from the services below, we can always discuss and amend as required.

  • Preparation of bank reconciliations including reconciliation of all transaction items on a weekly basis
  • Entering of supplier invoices into Xero accounting system with original invoices attached electronically (invoices are supplied electronically to Hood Sweeney on an agreed basis)
  • Preparation of weekly pay run, including end of year RTWSA and Payroll Tax requirements, if necessary
  •  Preparation and lodgement of Quarterly Business Activity Statements and, Monthly Instalment Activity Statements. Including review of Xero file for the period
  • Prepare batch payments to suppliers on a weekly basis and send to client for processing.
  • Prepare batch payments to employees on a weekly basis and send to client for processing.
  • Process superannuation payments on a monthly basis which will be direct debited from bank account
  • Phone and email support for basic bookkeeping matters.

We can also assist with Management Reporting, preparing and emailingmonthly management reports to Directors, including ratios of key performance indicators for the business.

Compliance, Reporting & Forecasting

Our clients range from individuals and tiny start-ups to substantial not-for-profit organisations and medium-sized private enterprises with turnover in excess of $50 million, including some South Australian flagship companies.

Taxation compliance and reporting

Australia’s taxation system has been ranked highest in ‘complexity’ and among the lowest in ‘fairness’ when compared to the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. That’s why it takes dedicated professionals like ours to keep up with the regulatory requirements of the Australian Taxation Office and other regulatory bodies.

Budgeting, cash-flow forecasting and financial modelling

A little foresight is always better than 20/20 hindsight. The future of your business depends on reading the financial environment and being ready to respond to problems and capitalise on opportunities. We will work with you to manage your business proactively, especially your working capital.


Strategic Planning

Build a market-leading strategy.

Our proven strategic planning process is underpinned by the belief that to be ahead of the competition, your business needs the following:

  • A simple and relevant plan that supports where the business wants to go
  • Clear, creative, consistent and congruent language throughout the business strategy plan
  • A rhythm and process that allows your business to track the progress of all strategies.

Hood Sweeney Performance Coaching understand that in the fast pace environment of business today very few owners and executives make time to read - let alone develop  - wordy, unwieldy and uninspiring business plans. That is where our expertise will help your business to build a strategy that fits into one powerful, useable, purpose driven, unforgettable page.

Team Development

Reducing the reliance on you!

Why is team development so important for your business?

The collective thinking and behaviour of your team is your culture. Your culture is the single biggest enabler or disabler of your strategy, so it makes sense to invest in it. The key is to fast-track the growth of the team while keeping tabs on the latest best practices. 

The great thing about coaching is that it brings a ‘process’ as much as it brings content. Any content is typically a model or structure in support of change that the participants then marry their situation against to see how that would look and work for them. What this means for the participants is that the coaching is always relevant and immediately applicable, whether it’s leadership development, a difficult conversation, team dynamics or even a strategic opportunity.

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