Family Business and SME

As an organisation matures, its affairs can become more intricate and complex, requiring its structure to evolve accordingly.

From little things, big things grow. And that includes many family businesses. At Hood Sweeney, we can pass on the substantial experience and expertise we have gained from working with larger and more diverse corporate businesses to make growth a pleasure rather than a pain.

As an example, current clients include substantial not-for-profit enterprises and medium-sized private companies with turnover in excess of $10 million. 

To such clients, we offer Hood Sweeney’s full range of services with a particular focus on:

  • accounting and taxation regulatory compliance and statutory reporting
  • corporate structuring to support mergers and divestments
  • management consulting for improved business performance, particularly around cash flow forecasting and the control of working capital
  • consultancy and planning of information and communication technology, with specific focus on disaster recovery planning and major infrastructure upgrades
  • diagnosis to review and benchmark all areas of the company’s performance.

We enthusiastically share our skills with a number of South Australian flagship companies in support of their business goals and vision.

Hood Sweeney SME Research Report 2017 18

SME Research Report 2018

SMEs are the lifeblood of the economy and highly valued clients of Hood Sweeney.

We have access to up-to-date research on the SME sector. To read the executive summary from the 2018 Report, click here.

To receive the full 2018 Report, complementary, click here.

At Hood Sweeney we love nothing more than to see our clients like the Maitlands reach their goals and share their stories of achievement.

For four generations, the Maitland family has farmed the Clare Valley. But with a new generation came a new idea: in 2011, they decided to make a range of wholegrain pasta from their own durum wheat under the Pangkarra Foods label. Moving into production for the first time, they recognised they’d need some heavyweight help. That’s when they joined the journey with Hood Sweeney.

Commitment to the Industry

Our dedicated Accounting and Business Advisory team leaders are members of: