Mastering Strategy

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Fri, Oct. 12, 2018 8:30am — 12:30pm

Location: Hood Sweeney, Level 3, 11-16 South Terrace, Adelaide

Whether you are looking to establish a winning position for your business, find the right direction, gain further control or even put more time into the right things, strategy plays a big part in any successful business.

Successful businesses invest time working on their strategy and defining their sphere of influence. These businesses recognize the exponential return of working ON the business versus the incremental return of working IN the business.

Without working on your business, you will always be working in your business.  Working on your strategy is working on your business.  

A clearly defined strategy :  

  • Helps you understand who and what you say no to
  • Clearly defines the market you will play in
  • Establishes activities that differentiate you from the competition
  • Drives sustainable growth
  • Blocks your competitors
  • Builds a strong culture that can deliver on your brand promises
  • Helps make high level decisions easy

At this stage you could be thinking your current strategy doesn’t stack up against these criteria, and in reality, it probably doesn’t. Not many do – we know this from experience. If that is the case then it is time to review, if not recreate, your strategy.

Building a winning strategy is very rewarding to any business however it takes time, structure and unbiased thinking.

To facilitate a strategic plan on your own, a business would need to:

  • Align and block out the calendar
  • Book a suitable setting that creates creative thinking
  • Find an experienced facilitator
  • Get the senior leaders of the team together
  • Create the agenda of the day
  • Create momentum into the day with thinking prior to the day
  • Build a structure that ensures an outcome
  • Create a simple framework for delivery to all staff once created
  • Ask thought provoking questions that haven’t been asked before
  • Use examples that have worked for other industries
  • Choose the best solutions for the next steps

And then once completed:

  • Clean up and wordsmith the strategy
  • Develop a plan to implement the strategy
  • Set and align priorities to the strategy
  • Deliver the finish product to the whole team
  • Bring the strategy to life by talking to it and refining it each month

As you can see, strategic planning takes a great deal of time and effort. It also explains why most businesses don’t spend the time needed to work on their strategy.

If you are wanting to build a winning strategy then our comprehensive framework will do all of the above for you. It will enable you to layer up your thinking in a way that will excite you about your business.

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Session 1: Friday 12th October
Session 2: Thursday 18th October
Session 3: Tuesday 30th October
Session 4: 1 x 2 hours with each team

The Hood Sweeney Performance Coaching team deliver strategy days that help our clients to implement winning strategies into their business. The testimonies below highlight how powerful the days are for the business, the leaders and their staff.

Taking part in the Mastering Strategy was a very comprehensive and directional session that resulted in our key people coming into alignment with a strategy to differentiate our business to others. This has given us a clear direction and heightened motivation to move forward with Simon Starr and Tim Lavis once again provided thorough, interesting and highly relatable information and key strategies from which our business benefits.

JM, 35 Business Owner


What a session! Mastering Strategy with Tim and Simon is very informative and their unique approach really gets you thinking more deeply about your business.

OK, 40, Director


The most productive business planning session I’ve ever attended. The first time I’ve ever felt really the enormity of the work I need to do. MIND BLOWN!

TS, 43, General Manager


Great value. Delivered concepts which were directly applicable to my business in an engaging environment.

AW, 34, Business Owner & General Manager


Very thought-provoking. A logical process that made sense to me and the staff members that came with me.

SC, 58, Business Owner

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