What Businesses Need for Staff to Work Remotely

07/04/2020 12:00am

As more businesses require staff to work remotely, from home as a precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic, here are some of the set up and security factors to consider and some of the areas where Hood Sweeney Technology Services can help.

If you have questions, or need assistance with remote setups, please get in touch with Hood Sweeney Technology on 1300 764 200.

Internet speed

An essential before considering whether employees can work remotely, is assessing that there is suitable internet connectivity. If the business has a low-speed NBN or ADSL, then they are facing a hurdle from the get go.

An audit of the internet provisioned at each staff member’s remote location is a good first step.

VPN or Remote Desktop Services\Citrix

Once you can confirm the office internet connection is fast enough, the next consideration is which remote access solution will work best, either virtual private network (VPN), Remote Desktop Services, Citrix or a combination depending on what infrastructure the business has available.

To determine this, a business must assess the risk profile for every remote set up based on the employee’s role, including the need to access data and information while offsite.

Not everyone can use VPN, so it’s about assessing the risk elements and connectivity options.

Telephones \ Video Conferencing

Not every business has sophisticated facilities to allow remote Teleworking, but that does not mean its not possible to achieve. As long as there is good internet speed, there are many solutions to achieve remote communications these days from Smartphones with Face Time, Web-based solutions such as Log-Me-In and Microsoft Teams.

If your business has a smart IP-based phone system such as 3CX, then the free video conferencing facility built-in is available for simple video or voice calls wherever you have the internet.

Security Check

Before you press the ON button and commence working remotely, checking the security profile is essential.

There are few, if any businesses that don’t have some level of personally identifiable information. Just as that must be protected in a work environment, it should be protected when working remotely.

That means online, with secure access to business devices through Multi Factor Authentication, anti-virus and other security software, and offline with policies that restrict staff from sharing client or other sensitive information.

Business should, for example, discourage staff from printing work-related documents at home, and if they must, firstly assess any privacy issues.

Don’t Use Home Devices

Businesses are advised against allowing staff to use home devices for work purposes, if the business has no history of the home set up or record of what is on the device. The security is just too questionable and can expose the business.

The only way to mitigate the risks is to use machines that the business knows the history of, its use, patching and anti-virus status at the very least. 

If you’re struggling to set up your teams to work remotely, or can’t find the hardware you need, Hood Sweeney Technology Services can assist. The team is available for consultation by phone, email or other virtual means, and can assist with your setups and support.

For information or assistance with your remote office setups, ring your Hood Sweeney Relationship Manager on 1300 764 200, or send an email and they will be in touch.

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