Take the First Steps to Avert Cyber Threats While Working from Home

06/05/2020 12:00am

Do you have the roadblocks in place to help prevent cyber threats, and mitigate the risks they pose to your business information?

Cyber security is now more important than ever, with thousands of businesses setting up staff to work from home during Covid-19.

Sophisticated hackers are out in force with Phishing, Ransomware, Supply Chain Attacks and Advance Persistent Threats, seeking any gap in your security system.

Hood Sweeney Technology offers a Security as a Service package to help small and medium-sized businesses layer their defence against potential cyber-attacks, and minimise their vulnerability.

In a world of increasing internet threats, a Security as a Service offering and the risk mitigation steps it puts in place are the ‘new norm’ of doing business.It’s not too late to take the first steps to secure your systems, says Graham Wadsley, Director of Hood Sweeney Technology Services. 

Even once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, it’s possible that more people will want to work remotely, from home, so acting now to secure you systems should be a priority.

At a minimum the top two things you need to protect when people are working from home are:

  • Email
  • Access to office systems, whether it’s via a virtual private network (VPN), Citrix or Remote Desktop Services.

These should at the very least have Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in front of them, said Graham Wadsley. Implementing MFA is a relatively fast and cost-effective way to add another layer of security to help deter intruders from accessing your valuable data.

To find out more about MFA and our Security as a Service offering to protect your remote systems, or to get a quote, please email.

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