While freshly minted graduates who walk in the door at Hood Sweeney expect a corner office straight away may be disappointed, we’d be disappointed if anyone we chose lacked ambition.

More than that: we actively encourage it, unlike many companies where – in truth – the management will see up-and-comers simply as threats to their own position.

Ambition is the inner drive that shows us you have a pride in your own abilities and a hunger to develop yourself. (And, in turn, drive our business forward.)

But it has to be backed up by intelligence, initiative, ability, effort and team spirit.

Show us you have these qualities and we’ll help you succeed.

And that starts from day one.

If you want to go places come here

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Each year, Hood Sweeney offers a strictly limited number of graduate positions.

This is so we can ensure that each recruit receives individual guidance to reach their goals and make a real contribution to the organisation.

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