Hood Sweeney is a dynamic organisation, innovative in the way we think and committed to enabling our people to become their best, not just in their careers but in their communities.

This mindset stems from a culture based on the vision, imagination and moral compass of our founders and the leaders who have followed them.

Our vision, to enhance the future of our clients, our team and our community through a shared journey - means having a reputation not just as accountants, financial planners, finance brokers, business coaches or information technology providers, but as good human beings.

People who will zealously seek to relate to our clients – as people – in order to empower their strengths, better their weaknesses, nurture their opportunities and signal their threats.

But we also believe that what we do outside our business, as people, is just as important: Hood Sweeney’s team members support a number of community organisations with both financial and pro-bono commitments.

We believe this vision and community focus will not only attract the best quality clients to do business with Hood Sweeney but also the best people to join and develop within our firm.

And that development starts from day one when every new team member commences a comprehensive induction training program to make sure they understand their role as well as what we expect of them.

For the culture at Hood Sweeney is probably a little different to anywhere else you’ve worked.

Here, we help our team members pursue their ambitions, build their credentials and maintain their business networks.

We also care for their health, along with the health of their personal relationships; we strive to maintain a good work/life balance.

But we also work at the relationships within our ‘family’, with an active social club, called HEART, along with surveys and discussions to gauge the level of satisfaction and promote new thinking.

After all that, you may be surprised to discover that working at Hood Sweeney is not for everyone. Why?

Acting ethically and unequivocally for the benefit of our clients is a non-negotiable part of working here.

Only people who believe in the same ideals are welcome because, to us, this is a cornerstone of our success.

So, you have to love a challenge. You have to be inquisitive. You have to love solving problems.

You have to want to go the extra yard and be the best you can be.

Because our clients rely on us unconditionally to secure their way of life, their future and that of their companies and their families.