Our Vision

In 2015, Hood Sweeney set a vision for a five-year plan based on the simple principle that the way we interact with our clients, community and people is fundamental to our business success.


Our Vision

To enhance the future of our clients, our team and our community through a shared journey.  

vision diagram 

When someone has ‘20/20 vision’, it means they have normal eyesight. But our 2020 Vision requires extraordinary foresight. By choosing this milestone five years into the future, we can lay out all our strategic planning and benchmarking, just as we advise our clients to do. Naturally, we may not get every prediction right. But we will at least be prepared for the expected growth, as well as any unexpected problems.

We will be a dynamic business that will embed our values to inspire our people to deliver exceptional services to our clients and be respected by and connected with our community.