Our Vision

Hood Sweeney is always looking ahead to refine its vision and set clear directions on what it takes to achieve success for our clients and our firm. 

As a result, we recently set a new five-year plan to 2025. People remain at the core of everything we do. Our people are our colleagues, our clients and our community.

With our integrated services offering and a commitment to technology, our aim is to work collaboratively across the firm, sharing expertise and skills to add value and provide exceptional service to every client.

Our Vision

To be the pre-eminent integrated services firm for family businesses and professionals in our areas of industry specialisation. 

So many of the small to medium-sized businesses we work with are family-owned or operated, or they began that way before expanding to become larger, listed entities.

Our specialist segments, or centres of excellence, align with some of the state’s areas of economic focus, and include Wine, Food & Hospitality, Agribusiness, Health and Not-for-Profits.

Journey Map to 2026

As always, we aim to offer exemplary service to our clients by understanding their needs, building strong relationships and deepening knowledge and understanding in our specialist segments.

To ensure we have the tools to support clients, we invest in our people, recruiting and retaining an effective mix of expertise and experience. And we invest in appropriate systems to support them, both enhancing our integrated service offerings and keeping up with ever-changing technologies.

With the right teams and systems, we can continue to drive creative and innovative thinking to serve our clients, and enhance and enrich our community.
Achieving our vision begins now.