A number of our people who joined as graduates are now in senior positions or directors of the firm. It is testimony to our culture of internal development and the 40 years of strong but nurturing leadership that have led us to this point.

Hood Sweeney has a diverse team of experienced and dynamic individuals who lead the business.

Over just the last few years, Hood Sweeney has faced, braced and prevailed through the Global Financial Crisis, considered by many economists as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Where others merely survived, we thrived.

Our planning in 2010 led to shrewd and successful mergers and the ‘One Hood Sweeney’ corporate rebuilding program that produced new and innovative concepts as well as the support and strength of CountPlus as a shareholder.

At a time when the reputations of other major players diminished, we built a specialist corporate services team from scratch along with new service offerings and specialist expertise, developed a best-practice leadership and governance model, and managed the succession of internal shareholders, which resulted in record levels for client and staff satisfaction and engagement, and a strengthening of our ‘client first’ reputation.

Perhaps, though, the legacy of this leadership is best summed up in the quote: management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.