About Us

Hood Sweeney. Join the journey.

Today, we have more than 120 staff in three offices serving over 3,000 clients throughout South Australia, ranging from small- to medium-sized private businesses, agribusiness enterprises, healthcare providers and not-for-profits, through five major service lines:

Whilst some may read that and think what we do is all about money, the truth is our business is really all about helping people on their journey through life.

Money is merely the means by which we can help to make that journey either easier or harder. 

That is why Hood Sweeney makes a serious commitment to attract, retain, develop and motivate our people.

1. We seek to understand you.

This takes time.

But we are here for the long haul (as we’ve shown over the past four decades).

The first step is to sit down and listen to you and discover your business goals and your personal needs.

Only when we know where you’re headed can we work with you to get there.

2. We take the initiative.

Our job is to build your peace of mind as well as your wealth. So, consider us your wingmen.

If we see a business problem, a risk that needs managing or an opportunity on the horizon, we’ll make sure you know about it.

3. We build genuine relationships.

Hood Sweeney’s client service is all about understanding and responding to your unique needs. Our aim is not just to meet those needs, but anticipate them.

And that means continuous communication.

It means a collaborative working relationship that’s managed to ensure it’s robust and relevant.

It’s about trust and a genuine feeling of being on the same side, working to the same goals.

But we also believe that what we do outside our business, as people, is just as important as what we do for our clients: that’s why Hood Sweeney supports a number of community organisations with both financial and pro-bono commitments.

So, whilst we may deal with money matters, at the end of the day, what really matters is that we are committed to going the distance with our clients, our staff and our community.

It’s this journey that truly defines us.