Business Owners

Hood Sweeney is committed to helping business owners manage their everyday business demands, whilst keeping an eye on the future.

In the rush of every day business, business owners can find it difficult to consider and address key issues that affect their business’ future and success.

Hood Sweeney is a dynamic business and we understand the challenges and key business concerns, such as:

  • effective cash flow management so your business can navigate through economical challenges
  • tailored finance options to improve your business and allow expansion
  • appropriate ownership structures to support growth, whilst minimising associated tax implications
  • management of tax and regulatory requirements which without help, can be complicated and confusing
  • succession planning and risk avoidance strategies to ensure sustainability
  • reliable and flexible information technology and communication systems to manage operations and keep you connected
  • strategic consultancy and planning of information and communication technology solutions adding value to business drivers and bottom line
  • comparing performance against other like-businesses
  • developing the appropriate governance structure to minimise and manage risk
  • business coaching


At Hood Sweeney we love nothing more than to see our clients reach their goals and share their stories of achievement.



Like Subway®, you can have our services made just the way you like them. In 1976, Bruce Koehne was one of our first clients. Together, over the last 38 years, we’ve shared a journey that’s led to unimagined growth and success.

Watch the video to learn more about the journey we have shared with our client.


One of South Australia’s most recognised and loved products, Menz Fruchocs are produced by Robern Menz, a 103 year old fourth generation family operated confectionery business. How does this business, with such a rich history, maintain its leading position in a complex and highly competitive consumer driven marketplace? READ MORE