Our Clients

Hood Sweeney. Join the journey.

Hood Sweeney has grown from a humble accounting firm to one of the most trusted and successful professional service agencies in South Australia, offering a choice of business and accounting advice, risk management, technological support and wealth creation to over 3,000 clients ranging from individuals, small-to medium-sized private businesses, agribusiness enterprises, health providers and not for profits.

But our growth is only a reflection of the success we’ve helped our clients build for themselves as their trusted partners and advisers.  And, importantly, we recognise that our success can only be sustained if we travel down that road together.

Like you, we understand that life is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Because with every crossroad, we take crucial decisions that have the power to change its course. 

Over the past four decades we have helped numerous clients to navigate their way along their chosen path.

If you’re at a crossroad in life, maybe it’s time you sought a different financial direction.

Call us to find out what we can do to put you on the road to success, however you measure it.

Learn more about some of the journeys we have shared with our clients.